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    Saturday arrives and before beginning to the spare Bed room we visit Lowes Hardware and buy a pleasant pair of cowhide gloves to assist preserve my arms. This is able to be the primary of five million visits to that cursed location. When back again in your house I begin work on the Pink area. I�ve experienced a number of hrs of practical experience by know and I�ve discovered what functions, and what doesn�t, this home goes a little bit smoother then the toilet, and looks a fair sight far better likewise.

    Allow Those people patches dry for at least thirty minutes, after which give them a lightweight sanding again with the pole sander in order that there is a sleek floor to paint afterwards.

    The estimates I obtained so far vary from $1200 to $8000 to find the job accomplished (meaning, popcorn gone, ceiling smoothed, primed, and painted. I present all of the primer and paint). ridiculous! here is my strategy…. Hire every day laborer who speaks English and it is expert in this sort of perform. Spend him $13 for every hour for four several hours to begin with to have an estimate from him. This estimate would include just how long it would get for him and two other working day laborers to do The task. That in by itself will inform me about how much the labor will Price tag In general.

    One more major disadvantage with popcorn ceilings is restoring them is usually very difficult. Whenever they ever get destroyed, or should you ever Possess a leak, this can make any repair quite challenging.

    Let me just say this: Do not try this without a WetVac! Pretty messy, Though I’ll acknowledge I didn’t prepare nicely.

    It’s somewhat tedious, however it’s a whole lot cleaner than scraping. My dwelling is old enough to have the asbestos, plus the popcorn has actually been painted creating elimination especially rough (and dusty).

    Our relatives (grown kids) are in an uproar as they say it will need to have asbestos in it and it'll remain in the air For several years.

    I plugged the hose in to the vac, turned it on, and continued scraping. The attachment grabbed ninety five% on the popcorn and sucked it into the shop vac, as well as the bag bought the rest (I could inform when the vac was complete with the transform in pitch of the motor). I completed the vast majority of ceilings in my residence in this way in a handful of hours above a weekend, and the cleanup was negligible. I do think I shoulda patented this!

    I share your sentiments accurately! Though I’m not yet able to take down the popcorn ceiling, I am aware I have this to look ahead to. Been thinking about properties to acquire for around a year. No matter what the age, from new to old, all of them have it! Yuk!!

    They come up with a drywall sander that may be connected to a store vac, and does quite properly at sucking up the sanding dust. I've accomplished drywall for ten years, and when you are taking your time and energy, you will have a pleasant, sleek ceiling, and Its really easy to operate with.

    I want a pleasant cleanable wall and ceiling floor but how can I get a single that appears good inside of a renovated location? Or are there minimal tricks which i don’t find out about which make These types of troubles virtually disappear?…Ben
    November 6, 2005 at three:07 am· I scraped the popcorn off of 1 room and have become discouraged Together with the situation in the drywall underneath. We will be depopcorning The complete household in one 7 days because of the set up of our new wood floors and it will be around impossible to moist,scrape,spackle/joint compound,sand and afterwards paint a complete household in a single week.

    We just shut with a home in Savannah and received’t be transferring in until eventually we market our CT dwelling. (In the current industry, that would be Several years!) I’ve been googleing for contractors to accomplish the dreaded deed, all 8 rooms, and have found no takers.
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